Design & Development

We have own product development facility that is fully equipped with latest model machines, machine operators and garment technicians. So we can develop, cutting sew & finish samples instantly.

Garment testing

Safety products sourcing is our major requirement and responsibility. We always follow buyer’s testing manual and methods. All of our vendors/agents/manufacturing units very much caring on safety products avoiding any kind of banned chemicals usage. All of us much more aware in chemical and physical testing.

Washing Facility

We have been working with lots of washing plants and we have experienced and skilled washing technician to develop new washes and to control the quality. We usually do Enzyme wash, Stone wash, Bleach wash, Towel, PP, Tinting, Over dyeing, Hand Scraping, Whiskering, Destroy, Rips and repair, Grinding, Chevron, Tagging, Crinkle , Resin, Bumper 3D, Deep dyeing, Cool pigment, Color spray, Laser design etc.

Quality Management

We have fully independent quality team who closely monitor orders from the sampling till shipment. We provide updated status on sampling, production and shipment to our valued customers on a regular basis. A proactive approach is maintained towards the identification of problem areas and immediate application of corrective measures to ensure timely delivery of products. We have in house Final Inspection facility and we maintain our own quality standard on buyer’s manual. We have ZERO tolerance on quality.


We have established shipping team who is responsible shipping activities like time to time monitor goods shipping date, maintain buyer’s shipment schedule, books vessel and handover all goods on time.